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“Trust me, if every school in the world had Peace class, then the world would be a better place.”     -Molly, Peace of Mind 5th grader 

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Supporting our students’ social and emotional well-being has never been more critical. 

Our kids - and our educators - are coping with anxiety and fear related to  Covid-19  and facing great uncertainty about returning to in-person school. 

 Peace of Mind is designed to help.

During Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to support DC area educators and students with free and low-cost curriculum, training and classroom resources to address the emotional impacts of Covid and to equip students to face life's challenges with skill and compassion.


The Peace of Mind Program is unique in integrating mindfulness, neuroscience, social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, and social justice tools into a seamless weekly curriculum for PreK through Middle School. 

Peace of Mind empowers kids to change and challenge the world in peaceful and thoughtful ways. Through our program, children to notice and manage their emotions using mindfulness techniques, understand the related brain science, build healthy relationships, solve conflicts peacefully, and recognize and address injustice. 

We have been working harder than ever to create new resources to meet students' and educators' needs during this challenging time. 

As DC area schools have gone online, so have we. Through our new 9-week “Coping with Covid” virtual lesson series and our ever-expanding Peace of Mind Video library, we share online Peace of Mind lessons with area educators who bring Peace of Mind classes to over 3,000 students in the DC area. 

We have just published our 17-lesson Social Justice Lesson Supplement for Grades 3, 4, and 5, helping educators teach in mindful, compassionate ways about discrimination, stereotypes, bias, race, racism, and standing up to injustice. These lessons go even deeper into our new Middle School Curriculum. 


While we can't see all of the challenges that will face our children in the months ahead, we do know how to support educators in equipping our kids with the skills to cope with skill and compassion. 

That's why we're inviting you to make a difference, close to home.  With your help, we continue to provide resources when and where they are needed.  

Please donate right now to support our work in our shared community. You can make a difference today!

Your support makes a significant impact on our small and effective organization. On behalf of the kids, thank you! -TeachPeaceofMind.org


On Giving Tuesday, join us for one of our "Power Hours" to find out more about the Peace of Mind Program!

The Catalogue for Philanthropy will award a prize of $1,000 to the organization with the most individual donors during these Power Hours - donations of any size during these hours will really help!

9 - 10am EST - Coffee Power Hour with the Peace of Mind Team.  Drop in and bring your friends! https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88127584057?pwd=bFcwTWVOR3lSNVlkbjlQRlUrRzRoUT09  Passcode: 671000

12-1 pm EST - Instagram Live with the Peace of Mind Team - learn about Peace of MInd's work and ask your questions! @TeachPeaceofMind

3 - 4 pm EST - Educator Power Hour - come meet each other on this zoom call and support Peace of Mind! !https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83426107353?pwd=N1VwNTJGNkdUN0JlejNHL3hKVlEyUT09  Passcode: 269788


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