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Let's Do More. Together.

We know this is a challenging and unprecedented time for everyone as we face public health, economic, and racial justice crises. Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) mobilizes and advocates for the most vulnerable immigrant communities in Washington, DC. We will emerge from this STRONGER than we were.

Immigrants and refugees of color—most of whom are undocumented—are disproportionately impacted by the economic and health effects of COVID-19. While many have returned to work, others now face long-term unemployment and eviction threats. Meanwhile, ICE remains active in the District, and the ICA-Farmville detention center in Virginia is home to a COVID-19 outbreak that has infected over 300 people.

We need your generosity now. That's why we're inviting you to make a difference, close to home, within our nation's capital. Your tax-deductible donation of any size will support immigrant communities to not only meet their basic needs but to build their shared power to create positive social change. Our work focuses on the following priority areas:

MLOV Sanctuary Win

Madeline is our first youth released from detention in Southern Texas to receive legal status.

1 - Sanctuary: In the last 18 months, our team has freed over 54 children and youth from detention centers in Southern Texas and reunited them with their families in the District. #SanctuaryDMV

2 - Mutual Aid: MLOV has raised over $140,000 to support 142 families through direct cash assistance. The program serves families of undocumented or excluded workers who are ineligible for unemployment insurance, public assistance, or stimulus checks. Since mid-March, we have distributed critical supplies, including food, PPE, and diapers, to hundreds of families.

3 -Worker Justice: Together with DC Jobs with Justice, Sanctuary DMV, ROC-DC, HIP’S-DC, and other community partners, we won over $14 million in locally-funded economic relief for undocumented immigrants and excluded workers.  We mobilize immigrant and excluded workers, including street vendors, childcare providers, day laborers, and restaurant workers, to tackle the issues that most impact their daily lives. #JustRecovery 

4 - Youth Leadership: To promote education access across the digital divide, MLOV is distributing 150 laptops and 650 hotspots to immigrant families in the District. In early December, we will host the Student Organizing League (SOL) to build shared power and solidarity among 20 immigrant BIPOC youth through a racial equity lens. Youth will confront critical issues facing BIPOC communities, from indigenous history and forced displacement to police violence and the BLM uprisings.

MLOV Laptop Distribution

Youth organizers Arlin and Miguel lead our laptop and hotspot distribution efforts.

Let's do more. Together.

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