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Community Family Life Services

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Since 1969, Community Family Life Services (CFLS) has provided children, families, and adults with the tools and resources needed to move beyond poverty and homelessness. CFLS also supports women returning home following a period of incarceration by assisting them as they move into permanent self-sufficiency. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has nudged us to generate innovative ways to continue serving our clients, their families, and the community. We are proud of the comprehensive programming that we have provided virtually and in-person while practicing social distancing.

The CFLS Speakers Bureau provides a platform for survivors of trauma such as domestic violence, human trafficking, and incarceration to learn public speaking skills, progress in their healing journey, and become agents of change. We are proud to support two Speakers Bureau cohorts a year, in which its members receive 35 hours of professionally administered public speaking and leadership training. During training, each participant also receives professional coaching, mentorship, or therapy to further support healing. Speakers Bureau members have continuous access to professional development trainings, networking events, support and guidance in preparing for engagements, and linkages to paid speaking opportunities.

We have the chance to prove within 24 hours that there is more power in generosity than in fear and uncertainty. We are proud to participate in the campaign through the Catalogue for Philanthropy, a local guide to giving and capacity building for our region’s small nonprofits. Together, we can do more to support justice-involved women in the District of Columbia.

Thank you for supporting the CFLS Speakers Bureau this giving season! Your contribution changes the lives of women, families, and the community at large.

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